about Melbourne Youthfest 


My name is Gemma and I am the founder and Junior President of Melbourne YouthFest.  Having been lucky enough to participate in such an awesome competition like First Lego League (FLL) and study at Cornish College,  I have been exposed to 2 different value systems that I have applied to friendships, competing, learning and every aspect of my life. When making decisions about my life I try to take these values into account helping to guide my decision making processes. 

I genuinely believe when you combine the 2 you really can make a difference!

MAKE A DIFFERENCE - Students are encouraged to make a difference in the community and the world they live in.


1.  Teamwork - We are stronger when we work together.​

2.  Discovery - We explore new skills and ideas. ​

3.  Inclusion - We respect each other and embrace our differences. 

4.  Impact - We apply what we learn to improve our world.

5.  Fun - We enjoy and celebrate what we do.

6. Innovation - We use creativity and persistence to solve problems.


These values underpin and are the driving force behind the entire Melb YouthFest.  I've combined them together to develop an event that is run in conjunction with local clubs, groups and businesses in the following way:


  1. Sport Expo:  

    • Discovery, Teamwork and Fun - Engage young people in sports that they wouldn't have normally considered by having the junior members of the clubs promote what they enjoy about the sport and team that they are members of.  

    • Inclusion and Impact - Demonstrate that local clubs are open to all members and do not discriminate against race or ability.  Everyone can have a go!

  2. Battle of the Bands:

    • Teamwork, Inclusion, Discovery, Impact and Fun - Bands require ultimate teamwork! All members need to work together to create music!  Battle of the Bands encourage young people to get together and play music as a team for fun along with reward for effort and skill!  What better way to there to see the impact of their efforts than by seeing the crowd cheer at the end of their performance?

  3. Technology Expo:

    • Teamwork, Innovation, Discovery, Impact, Inclusion and Fun - Showcase some of our future engineers, mathematicians and project managers and see how teams made up of different ages, sex and cultures need to come together to create robots out of lego! Meet the members of teams that are demonstrating to young people that science can be fun and you don't need to be the best to be a winner! Everyone can be involved no matter what your skill level.  

  4. Cultural Expo:  ​

    • Discovery, Inclusion, Impact, Innovation and Fun - ​Take cultures out of the news and show that we all live together.  Hear from junior members of different cultures what makes them fun and unique.  See demonstrations of cultural festivals and promote understanding and tolerance.

All of this will hopefully make a difference to young people lives and encourage them to live with purpose!


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