about KidS with a kause 

My name is Gemma, I am 14 years old and am the Founder and President of Kids With A Kause (KWAK).  


Life for me is spent on my farm raising orphan animals, building robots with my amazing team mates, attempting rock climbing, hanging out with my friends and going to school.  I am very lucky that my life has allowed me to meet people from all ages, economic backgrounds, religions and ethnicities.  I try to live my life having an impact on the world around me rather than through a screen.


KWAK is an idea I came up with 3 years ago but I was too young and not yet ready to get it off the ground. At the time I was really upset with how refugees were being perceived in the media and also how they were being labelled and treated as outsiders. I came up with the idea of helping them integrate into our society and help them learn about Melbourne culture from local kids in our society and organise outings and events to introduce them to our way of life, like cricket, footy or BBQ's at the beach. 


Through my love of robotics and my participation in FIRST LEGO League (FLL), I have learnt to understand and embrace the FLL core values of Teamwork, Inclusion, Innovation, Impact, Discovery and Fun. I believe they represent a strong foundation that will help my peers and I to grow into engaged, tolerant and productive members of society.

My vision now is to promote these core values and not just include refugees but every different culture in Melbourne.  I hope that by introducing different cultures and extra curricular activities to my peers we will become an active and engaged generation that live with understanding and acceptance of all people through knowledge and familiarity.


By hosting events and festivals we raise money for charities and foundations in need, based on our vision.  This year, The Melbourne Youth Fest is raising money for Yellow Brick Robotics.  This is an organisation that helps children learn about STEM and Robotics and support them in attending competitions. They are currently specifically focusing on First Lego League, a competition that has made such a big difference in my life and I hope every child can have the opportunity to compete in equally.  Money and resources should not be a disadvantage of any participants.  Everyone should have the same opportunities!


1.  Teamwork - We are stronger when we work together.

2.  Inspiring - We inspire new generations of inclusive society members. 

3.  Inclusion - We include each other no matter our differences.

4.  Fun - We enjoy and celebrate what we do.

5. Diversity - We are respect everyone and every ethnicity. 

6. Equality - We are all equal to each other 

Different Genders,

Different Races,

Different Interests,

Different Ages,

Different Religions...

Awesome Friends!

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